Mikri Vigla Beach

A unique paradise on the south west side of Naxos that combines two different type of beaches in a very short distance!

Located on the South-Western shore of Naxos Island, Mikri Vigla benefits from a venturi effect thanks to its position in front of Paros Island. The Western shore receives indeed stronger winds than anywhere esle in Naxos. The spot provides choppy water and a nice landsacpe, ideal for freeriding sessions. You’ll be able to enjoy some good bump and jump sessions too if you get away from the shore…


Kite Surfing

However, the beach is quite small and isn’t free from mass tourism during Summer holidays. In addition, the meltem may be very strong, which isn’t great for unconfident kitesurfers. You’ll be able to take lessons if you’re new to kitesurfing though.

Beside kitesurfing, there are lots of things to do and nice places to visit. It’s worth renting a car to move around (car is better than scooter in Naxos because th island is very mountainous).



Thalasea Sports is a windsurf school since 1997. The bay of Mikri Vigla Naxos has some of the strongest winds in the Cyclades, created by a venturi that is formed by the squeeze caused by Naxos and the neighbouring island of Paros.